Key Stage Two Team

  • Mr Richard Whitaker

    Year Six Teacher/ Key Stage 2 Lead/ Mathematics Co-ordinator

  • Mrs Katy McDermott

    Year Six Teacher / Art and Design Co-ordinator

    Currently on maternity leave

  • Miss Leanne Gilchrist

    Year Six Teacher

  • Mrs Emma Brophy

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant Year Six

  • Mrs Mandy Drew

    Teaching Assistant Year Six

  • Mrs Kimberley Fowler

    Year Five Teacher/History Co-ordinator

  • Miss Sarah Cavanagh

    Year Five Teacher/Geography Co-ordinator

  • Mrs Esme Stephenson

    Year Five Teacher/ Design and Technology Co-ordinator

  • Mrs Alexis Maule

    Teaching Assistant Year Five

  • Miss Jenny Middleton

    Year Four Teacher / Computing Co-ordinator

  • Miss Erin Butcher

    Year Four teacher

  • Mrs Evelyn Herbertson

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant Year Four

  • Mrs Julie Ure

    Teaching Assistant Year Four

  • Mr Christopher Smith

    Year Three Teacher / Science Co-ordinator

  • Miss Emma Gartshore

    Year Three Teacher

  • Mrs Anne Miller

    Teaching Assistant Year Three

  • Mrs Wendy Grainger

    Teaching Assistant Year Three