Phonics and Reading

Phonics and Reading

Children take part in daily phonics sessions from Nursery through to Year 2. Where it is appropriate, children continue accessing phonics sessions throughout Key Stage 2.


In Nursery a combination of resources from the Letters and Sounds and Read Write Inc. schemes are used. This familiarises children with blending and segmenting activities and enables children to become more aware of sounds in the environment and in words.


In Reception and Key Stage One, children follow the Read Write Inc. phonics scheme. Children are split into appropriate groups depending on their phonic ability. Children are assessed regularly and are regrouped to ensure teaching targets their specific needs.


You can find more information and some resources to use at home at:


Once children have learnt to blend they begin to bring home reading books. It is expected that children read four times each week at home, little and often is best!


As well as books that go between home and school children also have a 25 minute daily guided reading sessions in school. During these sessions children either work with a teacher, sharing a book as part of a group, or work on an activity to develop their spelling, comprehension or grammar. Across school we follow the reciprocal reading strategy in reading. Children are taught to predict, clarify, question and summarise a text. This cycle is repeated frequently throughout a text.


To support reading further, we also subscribe to Bug Club- an online reading tool which has built in comprehension questions.

Follow the link below to login.      


Children in Year 5 and Year 6 also have access to reading plus. An online reading program that helps to develop children’s reading speed, fluency and comprehension.