World Book Day

8th March 2018
World Book Day was rescheduled for Thursday 8th March as school was closed on March 1st due to snow! There were some fantastic costumes, the children and staff looked amazing so thank you to everybody who made the effort to dress up to celebrate the day - Mr Burke couldn't decide what he wanted to be so was a frog in the morning and a pumpkin in the afternoon!
There were prizes for the most creative costumes in:
Reception - Anthony and Tulisa;
Key Stage One (Year 1/2) Libby and Leon;
Lower Key Stage Two(Year 3/4) Bethan and Kayden;
Upper Key Stage Two (Year 5/6) Lacey and Yaerub.
Mrs Herbertson, aka Miss Trunchball, won the prize for best staff member, mainly because she stayed in role all day so everyone had to be on their best behaviour around her!
Miss Whincup, The GIngerbread Man, bravely manned the front desk in costume, mainly without her face on as it was quite scary.
Photos can be seen in Galleries.